Are Lab Grown Diamonds Flawless?

Welcome to Mathews Jewelers, where tradition meets innovation in the heart of Southeast Texas. As a family-owned business with a 37-year legacy, we're not just jewelers; we're your trusted guides in the fascinating world of diamonds. Today, we address a burning question: Are lab-grown diamonds flawless?

The Essence of Lab-Grown Diamonds

At Mathews Jewelers, we understand the allure of lab-grown diamonds. These marvels are created in state-of-the-art laboratories, replicating the conditions under which natural diamonds form. Our Beaumont and Mid County locations, proudly managed by Michelle and Michael respectively, showcase these wonders, bringing the future of ethical and sustainable jewelry to you.

Decoding Flawlessness in Diamonds

The term "flawless" in the diamond industry refers to a gemstone without inclusions or blemishes when viewed under 10x magnification. Each diamond in our AGS Certified collection undergoes rigorous evaluation, including lab-grown varieties. But do these man-made diamonds reach the pinnacle of flawlessness?

The Reality of Lab-Grown Diamonds

The truth is, while lab-grown diamonds are structurally and chemically identical to natural diamonds, they are not inherently flawless. Like their natural counterparts, they can exhibit minor internal and external characteristics that impact their clarity. 

However, the controlled environment in which they are created often results in fewer flaws compared to natural diamonds.

Advantages of Choosing Lab-Grown

Lab-grown diamonds offer remarkable benefits:

  • Ethical Choice: Free from the concerns of mining, they are a responsible choice for our environmentally conscious customers in Southeast Texas.
  • Quality Assurance: With advanced technology, the quality of lab-grown diamonds has impressively evolved, making high-quality diamonds more accessible.

Making an Informed Choice at Mathews Jewelers

At Mathews Jewelers, we believe in empowering our customers with knowledge. Whether you're drawn to the traditional allure of natural diamonds or the innovative appeal of lab-grown diamonds, our team is here to assist you. Both choices have their unique charm, and neither is universally superior in terms of flawlessness.


So, are lab-grown diamonds flawless? The answer is nuanced. While they may not be flawless in the absolute sense, they represent a remarkable achievement in jewelry technology, offering beauty, quality, and sustainability.

We invite you to explore our exquisite collections at Mathews Jewelers, where you can find your perfect diamond, lab-grown or natural, in Beaumont and Nederland, Texas.

Visit our stores for a personalized experience, or call us at (409) 866-7700 (Beaumont) and (409) 724-2045 (Mid County). Discover the exceptional, experience the extraordinary, and make an informed choice that resonates with your values and desires, here at Mathews Jewelers.

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